21 3 / 2013

Meet Adria Richards.


So recently there was a little scuffle between The Bros and Adria Richards. The story basically goes that Adria was at a tech conference and a couple of guys in the crowd were joking around, misusing tech terms in a sexual way. The joke was ”i have a big dongle.” The other supposed joke about forking was not a joke at all, she misunderstood the term.

Well Adria went full retard and claimed they were making sexist remarks and had them removed from the conference, then went on to get one of them (a father of 3) fired, all without any proof that any of this happened. She abused her power and fucked up a mans life simply because she can. This is him: image

Her stated reason is that their jokes violated the code of conduct for the conference. While that may be so, he shouldn’t have lost his job for making a joke to his friend that has nothing to do with her. It didn’t hurt anyone, and the only thing that bothered her initially, she said, was the misuse of technical terms. 

Now normally, I don’t support the kind of immense backlash that the internet spews, but she’s one of those people who claims only whites are racist, and makes dick jokes but then gets offended if others do it, and furthermore she ruined the life of a man who did nothing more than make a joke to his friend, not even directed at her or aware of her presence. 

She’s one of those people that just makes me hate life.

But on a brighter note, she got fired also (by the reports) for her conduct  regarding the matter, so when she’s working at McDonalds in the near future a shit load of people are going to order a McDongles and a Fork, and we’ll all have a good laugh.